Corporation Tax FAQS

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Corporation Tax. Find your answers here or let contact us for more information.

What is an Accounting Period? Accounting periods are normally 12 months’ long, and they generally correspond with the financial year. An accounting period can be shorter than 12 months, but it cannot exceed 12 months. Your Corporation tax liability is determined by the amount in profits your company has over an accounting period.

When your corporation tax return due? This needs to reach HMRC to HMRC within 12 months after the end of each accounting period

What if you didn’t make a corporate profit? You still need to submit your accounts and tax return confirming this information within these deadlines.

What needs to be submitted? You need to prepare and submit Statutory Accounts and a Corporation Tax return (on form CT600) along with supporting calculations to show how the figures in your tax return were reached.

How to File a Corporation Tax Return?

A Corporation Tax return can be filed online via HMRC website on a form CT600. You need to be registered for Corporation Tax in order to be able to submit your Tax Return.

How to register for Corporation Tax?

When you register/form your company with Companies House, HMRC is automatically alerted of the formation of your company. They will send you a Welcome letter which will include what is known as a UTR number. This number is very important and you should keep it safely as it will be needed at every tax-related event in the future.

You need to register on HMRC website for Corporation Tax Online Services.

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Corporation Tax Deadline Calculator

Try our corporation tax deadline calculator to calculate the dates your corporation tax return is due, the date your taxes need to be paid by and the date your annual accounts need to be submitted by.

Or get in touch with us on 02071128229 or and we can help you calculate your due dates.

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